Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Soleic®’s outdoor cabinets made of?  Soleic® cabinets are constructed of solid ¾” marine grade polymer. The material is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and has been used in the marine industry for two decades. This board has been formulated specifically for outdoor use. The board contains UV inhibitors to prevent fading or “chalking”.FAQ
  2. How do these cabinets weather? Are they really waterproof? Soleic®’s cabinets are designed to look exactly the same as the day you bought them for as long as you own them. The material that these cabinets are made from can be submerged in water indefinitely. It is a “closed cell” material that will not absorb ANY water. They will not absorb moisture or humidity over time. If your area flooded, the contents of the cabinets would get wet, but the cabinets will look like new once a flood recedes.
  3. What makes your cabinets different than competitors’ cabinets?  The construction techniques of Soleic®’s cabinets are far superior than competing cabinets. Most notably, our cabinets are held together with hardware-free interlocking joints. Please look closely at the construction details when comparing outdoor cabinetry. Don’t take our word for it, compare them yourself when you’re shopping. Pull out the drawers, look how they’re held together. Look at corners where material meets at 90-degree angles. Just because they’re built from a similar board does NOT mean that they’re all built to last like Soleic®’s cabinets. (That makes about as much sense as saying all cars are the same because they’re all built with steel!)
  4. Can these cabinets be painted?  No. The color you see on the surface is the exact same material that goes through the cabinets. Paint won’t stick to these cabinets. The good news is that dirt won’t stick to the cabinets either!
  5. What maintenance is required?  You can hose-wash these cabinets inside and out if they get dirty. If dirt gets ground-in to the cabinets, you can use a brush to get dirt out of grooves.No Maintenance
  6. Will these cabinets support heavy countertops like granite or concrete tops?  Absolutely!
  7. How do these last when compared to stainless steel cabinets?  Please keep in mind, stainless “stains less“. It is not completely weatherproof, and it will eventually show its age and even rust. Depending on the quality of stainless that is used, it may start to deteriorate and pit VERY soon. Other than the high cost of stainless, a big problem emerging with stainless steel appliances is that manufacturers tend to be very vague about the quality of stainless steel used. It is awfully difficult if not impossible to tell the quality of stainless steel appliances, doors, inserts, etc. when they are brand new in the showroom. Once the stainless steel door is installed in your house, the only recourse you have if it starts to go bad is to replace it. Most warranties won’t cover superficial rust; they’ll only cover a complete failure of the part.
  8. How do these cabinets compare to a stucco outdoor kitchen?  There are tremendous advantages to building an outdoor kitchen out of HDPE cabinetry vs. a stucco outdoor kitchen.
    1. Polymer material will not crack or chip
    2. Significantly more storage space
    3. Fully finished interior cabinets. No raw concrete board will be exposed on the inside.
    4. Hose-wash inside and out
    5. No painting required
    6. The smooth textured finish is great for raised bar areas… no scraped knees!
    7. Matching upper cabinets are available. You won’t see a stucco outdoor kitchen with matching wall cabinets… they simply don’t exist.

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