At Soleic Outdoor Kitchens we carry a wide range of grills to fit any budget.  However we are not a “Grill” Store and will never pressure you into certain Grill Line.  We do strongly recommend that you stay away from the Grills Made in China. We like to ask: “Why put a Cheap Grill in a Cabinet that will last a lifetime?”  The only requirement we have is that a grill MUST have an insulated Liner/Jacket made by the grill manufacture to allow the grill to be installed into a Combustible Enclosure.  You will find us very Helpful in selecting a Good Grill for your New Outdoor Kitchen.

Our Best Selling Grills are FireMagic, Delta Heat, American Outdoor Grill (AOG), Twin Eagles and Lynx.

All of these Manufacturers are American Base Companies and Provide a wide range of Accessories to complaint Your Outdoor Kitchen



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