Soleic® Outdoor Cabinets

Clean Our Cabinets With a Hose
Clean Our Cabinets With a Hose

Soleic® outdoor cabinets are waterproof and weatherproof.  They won’t rust, rot, fade or chalk and they are completely maintenance-free!  Just hose them off when they get dirty and they look as good as “NEW”!  Stainless steel, however, requires a lot of maintenance and they will pit and rust.  Wood cabinets also require a lot of maintenance and they will warp and rot.

Made from premium polymer boards, similar to those used in acid storage cabinets, Soleic® cabinets have no supporting hardware that will fail from exposure to pool chemicals, moisture or extreme temperature changes that outdoor cabinets endure.

Soleic® cabinets are warrantied for life, by a manufacturer that has been manufacturing outdoor cabinets from polymer since 2001, longer than any other company in the industry.   Soleic® cabinets aren’t just a polymer cabinet, they are the ONLY polymer cabinet built to last … outside!

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