Custom-Made HDPE Outdoor Cabinetry

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens thrives in delivering custom outdoor cabinets with exceptional customer service. We are your best bet for waterproof custom-made outdoor cabinetry suitable for diverse styles. Clients can count on us for superior products at pocket-friendly prices.

Our robust cabinets feature solid sheets of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), making them resistant to fading, regardless of prevailing weather conditions. Besides, the HDPE material offers waterproof sealing and stain resistance, guaranteeing durability for your cabinets. Our expert team thrives in delivering customized outdoor cabinets. We provide top-notch customer outdoor cabinetry services for your Florida outdoor kitchen. Meet your unique outdoor needs with our diverse color options and door styles.

With over nine years of experience in the cabinet industry, Orlando Outdoor Kitchens understands the ins and outs of creating outdoor cabinets. Our team strives to create cabinets that fit seamlessly into your outdoor space. We take time to understand your specific outdoor space to deliver cabinets that resonate with your space.

Superior Kitchen Custom Outdoor Cabinets

Are you tired of replacing your outdoor kitchen cabinets after a heavy storm? Try our weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets today. Constructed with solid sheets of HDPE, our outdoor kitchen cabinets resist fading. They also have the optimal structural integrity to withstand any prevailing weather conditions.

The UV-stabilized HDPE material remains superior to other materials used in the cabinet industry. Our outdoor cabinets guarantee optimal structural integrity that steps up their longevity. We deliver functional outdoor cabinets with workspaces, shelves, and drawers. Our cabinets mimic an indoor kitchen, easing your operations in your outdoor kitchen.

Top features of our HDPE-constructed outdoor kitchen cabinets include:

Stain Resistance

These non-stick surfaces ensure that you maintain their solid color throughout their lifespan. You won’t need to keep rubbing the surfaces to remove stains after every few months.

Waterproof Surfaces

Our waterproof outdoor cabinets ease your cleaning requirements. Simply hose it off, and it will be as good as new.

Extended Durability

We deliver outdoor cabinets with proprietary interlocking joints and no additional hardware requirements. Besides, the cabinets’ drawers feature a reinforced face while the HDPE construction extends to the drawer box and back panel.

Weatherproof Construction

Exposure to high humidity levels, excess snow, or salt water often compromises the quality of most outdoor cabinets. However, the HDPE material in our cabinets ensures that the building remains intact all year long.

Diverse Selection of Custom Outdoor Cabinets

Find an incredible collection of top-rated outdoor kitchen cabinets once you partner with us. Our vast selection includes:

Base Cabinet

Base Cabinet

We deliver bespoke base cabinets that offer bulk storage space in your outdoor kitchen. Fit the one-door or two-door cabinets under your countertops.

wall cabinet

Wall Cabinet

Find custom wall cabinets that complement your robust base cabinets. Count on us for open-shelf wall cabinets that match your outdoor kitchen furniture in appearance and construction.

bar cabinet

Bar/Bi-Level Cabinet

Does your outdoor kitchen feature an exposed bar section? Let us deliver custom bi-level cabinets with a raised backsplash on the extended back. With our top-rated cabinets, you won’t need a retaining or knee wall to create a bar section.

Leverage more strength in your kitchen furniture with our cabinets that come as a single structural piece.

grill cabinet

Grill Cabinet

Find a grill base and grill pedestal cabinets that align with your specific kitchen needs. We flawlessly combine beauty, style, and functional storage in our top-rated grill cabinets.

sideburner cabinet

Side Burner Cabinet

For your cooking needs, we deliver custom side burner cabinets that will fit your specific side burner. These cabinets are ideal for anyone not keen on getting a grill cabinet.

sink cabinet

Sink Cabinet

Maintain consistent water access in your outdoor kitchen with our bespoke sink cabinets. These cabinets include a sink that connects with your home’s plumbing. We’ll also add complementary cabinets that match the other elements in the outdoor kitchen.

full height door

Storage Cabinet

Let our expert team help you add a convenient storage cabinet to your outdoor kitchen furniture. With these cabinets, you’ll have an easier time storing and organizing items in your kitchen. Also, our well-crafted storage cabinets boost your kitchen’s aesthetic value while adding much-needed functionality.

Why Choose Orlando Outdoor Kitchens?

Partner with Orlando Outdoor Kitchens for custom outdoor cabinetry solutions that add value to your home while bringing endless beauty to your outdoor spaces. At Orlando Outdoor Kitchens, we take great pride in delivering recyclable products that will prove worthwhile upon their end of use.

Our locally-made cabinets come from Tampa, FL, while we source the HDPE sheets locally. We offer a lifetime retail warranty on all our outdoor kitchen cabinets, which will serve you consistently.

We have a variety of choices for your outdoor cabinetry door style:

We offer 11 colors for our custom HDPE outdoor cabinets

Leading Custom Outdoor Cabinets Solutions in Florida

Do you need robust cabinets to handle Florida’s unpredictable weather conditions? Partner with Orlando Outdoor Kitchens today. We deliver waterproof custom outdoor cabinets that last a lifetime. Our high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinets can brighten up your home effortlessly.

Depending on your need, we can deliver outdoor cabinetry, refrigerators, and grills for your outdoor kitchens. We can also handle your commercial projects upon request. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and talk to our experts about your project.

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