Outdoor Cabinetry Features & Benefits

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Built to Last a Lifetime

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens is proud to be central Florida’s number-one provider of top-notch, durable outdoor kitchens at fair prices. A pioneer in the space, we developed, first-hand, the interlocking joints employed in our cabinetry. The result is a product that’s longer-lasting and more durable than outdoor kitchens sold elsewhere.

Our list of custom-made outdoor cabinetry features is extensive. Highlights include pioneering construction, full outdoor functionality, and complete weather, fade, and stain resistance. To demonstrate why we’re Orlando’s premier outdoor kitchen provider, what follows is a closer look at these and several of our most celebrated features.

We’ll also delve into Orlando Outdoor Kitchens’ outdoor cabinetry benefits, including their low carbon footprint production, lifetime retail warranty, and the fact that they’re all proudly produced here in the USA.

Outdoor Cabinetry Features

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Fully Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Our exclusive outdoor kitchens are just as functional as any indoor kitchen. In fact, by their very nature, they’re even more practical in our opinion, allowing for al fresco cooking, dining, and more all year round.

From the outset, we design our outdoor cabinetry and kitchens to function just like your traditional kitchen. That means you get all the drawers, shelves, and worktops you need. The only difference is that they’re designed for the great outdoors!

Pioneering Interlocking Joints cabinetry

Pioneering Interlocking Joints

One of our kitchens’ most important outdoor cabinetry features is their interlocking joints. Orlando Outdoor Kitchens pioneered the interlocking joints we use on our cabinet boxes. Using a form of tongue and groove construction we developed, these interlocking joints require no glue or welding.

Furthermore, no separate interlocking hardware is needed either. The result is greater durability and much more robust, longer-lasting cabinets – a must-have among cabinetry features.

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HDPE Construction

Another standout feature of our outdoor cabinetry is its high-density polyethylene construction. We use a specially selected variety of high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, that’s ideally engineered for usage in outdoor cabinetry.

Our HDPE contains a UV-stabilized polymer engineered with the ideal ratio of structural integrity and impact-absorbing forgiveness. As outdoor cabinetry features go, this ensures that your kitchen is both durable and long-lasting. It also means that Orlando Outdoor Kitchens’ cabinets routinely outperform those from other manufacturers in the industry that use inferior materials.

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Weather, Stain, and Fade Resistance

Another amazing feature of our outdoor cabinetry is its weather, stain, and fade-resistant nature. As a result, no matter the finish you choose for your outdoor kitchen, it will never to stain or fade. That is true under normal day-to-day usage or even in Florida, with exposure to our ever-changing and sometimes inclement weather.

The fade-resistant nature of our carefully selected high-density polyethylene material is doubly important in central Florida, too. Owing to the region’s almost year-round sunshine, outdoor kitchens constructed from lesser materials will likely start fading quickly – but not those manufactured and installed by Orlando Outdoor Kitchens.

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Fully Waterproof Surfaces

Among our many fantastic outdoor cabinetry features here at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens is our fully waterproof design. That’s true of both the insides and outsides of our cabinets – all of which you can simply hose off to clean. This waterproofing even includes exposure to saltwater, chlorinated pool water, and humidity – none of which will damage our cabinets.

Furthermore, our kitchens’ HDPE surfaces mean they never need to be painted or stained.

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Built-in Grills, Refrigerators, and More

While we’re proud of our outdoor cabinetry features and benefits, there are more perks to choosing Orlando Outdoor Kitchens.

That’s because we also have a plethora of additional options, including grills, vent hoods, refrigerators, kegerators, and more. So our outdoor kitchens are more than just beautiful and supremely well-constructed; they’re also incredibly functional – just like your indoor kitchen, if not more so!

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens and HDPE

By the very nature of the construction of our outdoor kitchens, we’ve already demonstrated how they’re durable, long-lasting, fully waterproof, stain-resistant, and more. However, the benefits keep on coming. Other outdoor cabinetry benefits of our kitchens include:

Here are a few of the features and benefits HDPE provides:

  • Waterproof Surfaces – inside and outside of cabinets can simply be hosed off for cleaning
  • Weatherproof Construction–exposure to salt water, rain, snow, chlorinated pool water, and humidity will not damage the cabinets; they will never require paint or stain
  • Stain Resistant–nothing will stick to the surfaces and very little will cause staining as the color of the material is solid throughout
  • UV Protected – cabinets are fade resistant, even in direct sunlight
  • Functional –these outdoor cabinets and kitchens are designed to function just like your inside kitchen, with drawers, shelves and workspace
  • Durable–manufactured with proprietary interlocking joints that require no hardware, ¾” HDPE construction for the cabinet, back panel and drawer box, drawers have a reinforced face
  • Food Safe – FDA approved for food contact
  • Green– The production of HDPE has a low carbon footprint and can be fully recycled, making it the most environmentally conscious cabinet option.
  • Recyclable – the manufacturer recycles 100% of scrap material in the manufacturing process and the cabinets can also be recycled when they reach the end of their use. The number “2” recycling symbol indicates that the material contains no toxic gasses or dioxins.
  • Made in the USAOur cabinets are manufactured in Tampa, FL from HDPE sheets Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Retail Warranty – Our products are built to last a lifetime and feature a lifetime retail warranty. 

Of all of the many cabinetry benefits we offer at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens, we’re particularly proud of the fact that each of our products is made in the USA. Our cabinets are built in Tampa, Florida. The high-density polyethylene materials used in our construction process are manufactured here in the USA, too.

And everything is built to last a lifetime as well, as is reflected in our lifetime retail warranty. All of this ensures that our top-rated outdoor kitchens are feature-packed and also have a host of fantastic benefits built in from the outset.

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