Outdoor Kitchen Trends of 2023

Outdoor kitchens are terrific spaces for bringing the family together to enjoy beautiful meals and experiences outside. These are a few outdoor kitchen trends of 2023 to keep your eye on as you design a unique and engaging space for your outdoor gatherings this year and for years to come.

Serving Windows for Outdoor Kitchens

Architecturally speaking, serving windows, sometimes referred to as pass-through windows, add an element of charm to any outdoor kitchen. It also makes it a simple matter to transfer items from inside your home to the outdoors via a window bar. 

You can even add seating so that you can engage in conversations between the indoor and outdoor kitchen and prep areas and facilitate various entertaining needs for your outdoor kitchen. There are many different styles or designs to choose from, so you can create one that is “just right” for your unique outdoor kitchen style and needs.

Cut Clutter with Outdoor Kitchen Trends of 2023

The right storage options can make or break your outdoor kitchen. Stylish and functional outdoor kitchen cabinets can be the ideal solution to keep your beautiful kitchen from becoming a garden shed or outdoor toy landing spot

Choosing weatherproof kitchen cabinets designed to withstand the beating of the Florida summer sun is a good choice for storage for your outdoor living, food prep, and cooking spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens with Integrated Technology

The world is becoming infinitely more connected. The same holds true for outdoor kitchens. The more technology you integrate into the space, the more useful and usable that space becomes for modern families. From smart appliances (like mini-fridges, wine coolers, and even modern grills to Wi-Fi extenders, televisions, and automated lighting, there are many ways to bring the beauty of technology into the enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen, which is one of the biggest outdoor kitchen trends of 2023.

Pizza Oven Outdoor Kitchen Trends of 2023

There’s nothing on earth quite like the joy of pizza fresh from the oven. You no longer need to bring up the inside temperature by 10 or 20 degrees to enjoy the privilege. Instead, outdoor kitchen trends of 2023 often integrate a fan favorite, the outdoor pizza oven, into the design. This allows you to have a slice at any time of the year and gives you the added pleasure of making it just the way you like it.

Multi-Use Spaces for Outdoor Kitchens

Many families understand that needs will change over time. Even when creating an outdoor kitchen that meets the needs of your family today, you know the best way to go about it is to create multifunctional spaces that can be utilized for multiple purposes – and as your needs and wishes for your outdoor kitchen evolve over time. 

That is why multifunctional spaces are a top consideration among homeowners when designing and building outdoor kitchens for 2023. This can be as simple as added seating around the grill area to facilitate conversations while grilling, to enjoy drinks while watching kids play, or simply to take a load off your tired feet while you prep the evening meal.

You can even add a television and speakers so you can watch the latest blockbuster while enjoying some fresh air and your latest creations. The more uses you have for your outdoor kitchen, the more you will find that you (and your family) use the space.

Fire Tables or Fire Pits

Even though there is no need for added heat on a summer night in Florida, you have to love a fire pit for adding ambiance and mood to your evening’s entertainment. Whether it is a romantic glow or the staging ground for some epic food creations, these features are one of the top outdoor kitchen trends for 2023. 

It should come as no surprise as s’mores continue to reign supreme when it comes to preferred summer snacking, and it still leaves room for hot dogs and other creative alternatives for cooking over an open fire.

These are a few top outdoor kitchen trends for 2023. That doesn’t mean they are the right options for you. The great thing about creating an outdoor kitchen from scratch is that you can take your needs, your desires for that space, and transform them into a beautiful location your entire family can enjoy. Don’t make a move, though, without first getting in touch with Orlando Outdoor Kitchens to learn more about how we can help you design and create a functional and beautiful outdoor kitchen for your year-round enjoyment.

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