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Entertaining outdoors is more popular – and convenient – than ever! Entertaining outdoors gets even better with a residential outdoor kitchen on your property. From built-in countertops and cabinetry to an outdoor kitchen island and a dining space for your family and guests, a residential kitchen makes eating outside enjoyable and rewarding.

At Orlando Outdoor Kitchens, we make it easy for homeowners to entertain in your own backyard with quality, durable materials that last outdoors for years.

Why Install a Residential Outdoor Kitchen in Your Home?

An outdoor kitchen can help you in many ways!

  • Raise the value of your house. Outdoor kitchens are popular among home buyers as well as homeowners. Installing a residential kitchen can make your home worth more, especially if you’re trying to sell.
  • Create space for entertaining. Do you love having parties with friends and relatives? Installing a residential outdoor kitchen creates space for entertaining guests and loved ones.
  • Give your family somewhere to spend time outdoors. Cooking meals outside is rewarding, especially if you already love spending time outside. With an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, you don’t have to go to a park or drive long distances just to get out of the house for a barbecue!
  • Provide space for your family. Do you sometimes feel cramped in the house? With an outdoor kitchen in the backyard, you’ll have space for spreading out and giving each other space.
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Components of a Residential Outdoor Kitchen

There are many components of a residential outdoor kitchen. When you’re working with your Orlando contractor, work together to determine which components should be included in your outdoor kitchen. Knowing the scope of the project can help you create a budget, communicate with your contractor, and ultimately, design the outdoor kitchen that will meet your needs.

If you’re not sure which components of an outdoor kitchen are right for your project, work with family members and members of your household to create a list of priorities or goals for your upcoming installation. A list of “must-haves” versus “nice-to-haves” will help you in conversations with your designer.


Cabinetry is one of the most prominent features in any kitchen, and this is no less true in your outdoor kitchen! Cabinets at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens are custom-made for homeowners, to ensure a perfect fit and the perfect look for your outdoor kitchen.

Our cabinets are made from HDPE waterproof material, to ensure that anything inside is protected from the elements. Our waterproof cabinets are resistant to fading, cracking, and damage under the sun. This is important in an outdoor kitchen, especially since your outdoor kitchen may be exposed to extreme temperatures, high wind, and more!

  • Durable
  • Available in many colors
  • Long-lasting
  • Custom-made


There’s a real art to choosing the right countertops for your residential outdoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen island. The professionals at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens will help you select countertops to match your outdoor kitchen setup. When you’re choosing countertops, it’s important to consider:

  • Durability: Not all materials are made for outdoor use. It’s important to find a countertop material that can withstand everything from freezing conditions to extreme heat.
  • Resistance to UV rays: Some materials fade when they’re exposed to sunlight! Unless your outdoor kitchen is fully covered by a shelter, it’s important to install countertops that won’t fade in the sunlight.
  • Beauty: Aesthetic appeal varies from one type of countertop to the next. Consider the look of your countertops and how they’ll coordinate with your cabinets when trying to decide which countertop material is right for you.

Grill and Other Appliances

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens sells and installs large grills for heavy-duty use. We also sell and install Kegerators and outdoor refrigerators. It’s so important to install outdoor-grade appliances for your outdoor kitchen. Why? Because exposure to the elements can do serious damage to your appliances if they’re not intended for use outside.

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens only sells the best outdoor appliances. We carry some of the best brands available, from Big Green Egg to U-Line, to ensure that our customers will be able to enjoy quality appliances for years after their outdoor kitchen is installed.

Look for a Residential Outdoor Kitchen Installer

When you want an outdoor kitchen installed on your property, it’s important to hire a reputable team. Orlando Outdoor Kitchen only designs and installs outdoor kitchens, which means that we have the expertise that comes from specializing in a trade.

Contact Us to Get Started

Want to install an outdoor kitchen in your home? Call Orlando Outdoor Kitchens today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We can help you craft a budget, work out the scope of the project, and get started on the installation of your residential outdoor kitchen.


Any size project is welcome. Grill or no grill, our expert design team can optimize your residential space. This will not only bring beauty but adds value to your home. Call us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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