Long-time residents of Florida know that one of the aspects of living in the subtropics is dealing with powerful storms. Orlando can see everything from tropical depressions to category 5 hurricanes in any given year. Yet, most Floridians don’t seem bothered by this. That’s because they know the value of storm preparation for their home, including the outdoor kitchen.

Key Points of Storm Preparation and Outdoor Kitchens

It is important to begin with storm preparation for your home and outdoor kitchen with hurricane resistance in mind right from the start. Then, when a storm comes, you can feel confident in your preparations as the storm passes through.

There is no need to rush out in the torrential rain and throw the lawn furniture into the pool or try to find anchor points to tie larger objects to. 

Outdoor Kitchens Have an Abundance of Exposure to Wind

Even though rain and water may be the bigger threat to houses, the wind is a big issue with outdoor kitchen design when considering potential storm issues. Use ground anchors, bolts, and other strong hardware to secure outdoor elements like big gas grills and tables to the ground. Also, install permanent anchor points into the decking to make it easy to chain down furniture that you’d normally want to be mobile, like outdoor chairs.

Don’t Forget the Water Factor

While outdoor kitchens are made of waterproof features, that doesn’t mean they’ll handle outright flooding all that well. Make sure that your storm preparation outdoor kitchen design includes the capacity for serious amounts of passive drainage. 

Also, add drainage to anything that could become a vessel, such as cabinets, grills, fire pits, and the like. This will help keep their parts from getting clogged with debris and save you from having to empty them. Since the items in question will be heavy, you’ll be glad you won’t have to get the water out of them by hand or with a pump.

Remove Dangerous Trees

Most of the common native trees are quite storm-resistant, but ornamentals are a whole different story. If any tree species are big enough to damage things around them, research to see if they’re known to have brittle trunks. If they are, have them cut down before a storm makes them crash down.

Caveat: In Florida, you may hear that live oaks are “invincible” and have people blithely tell you that you don’t have to worry about them. While they are indeed very unlikely to split or break off, they sometimes are uprooted in a very spectacular and catastrophic fashion. If you have a live oak that’s growing in marshy or otherwise unstable ground, it is, therefore, best to keep an eye on it or remove it altogether.

Benefits of Storm Preparation with Outdoor Kitchens

The human factor is something that cannot be completely eliminated, even with the best storm preparation, especially when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Always do an inspection right as the storm is going to hit, whether through cameras or by going outside and personally checking. You might be surprised at what is forgotten in the excitement of an incoming named storm.

With these tips, your outdoor kitchen should last through Florida’s most notable weather events with ease. For outdoor kitchen mainstays that can not only beat hurricanes but also Florida’s relentless sun, visit Orlando Outdoor Kitchens today.

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