Maximizing Your Outdoor Living Space: Tips for Integrating an Outdoor Kitchen in Orlando

Families continue to realize that their backyards are more than places for kids to play. Integrating an outdoor kitchen in Orlando is a great way to get more use from your outdoor space. Many families are embracing outdoor living as an opportunity to escape the confines of the home without breaking the family budget on theme parks or costly nights out on the town.

Kitchens are a great outdoor addition for several reasons. They allow you to extend your living space outdoors and maximize the usefulness of that outdoor living space while cooking and entertaining. This can make ordinary meal prep feel like a family activity rather than a chore! These tips will make incorporating an outdoor kitchen in Orlando easier to complete and fun for everyone.

Consider Installing a Pass-Through Kitchen Window to Connect Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen Areas

One of the neatest things you can do when integrating an outdoor kitchen in Orlando is create a pass-through window between your indoor and outdoor kitchen. This allows you to pass items, such as meat and vegetables that have been marinating in your indoor refrigerator, mixed drinks, and more from the inside prep area to the outside cooking area. It makes it easier to enjoy the space and even facilitates faster communication between people inside and outside to coordinate efforts between both kitchen areas.

Make Your Space Suitable for All-Weather

While Orlando may not be a four-season city, there are different types of weather local residents must contend with. In addition to the heat of the sun, there are also days where rain and/or wind can play pivotal roles in the usefulness of outdoor living spaces. When integrating an outdoor kitchen in Orlando, it’s important to be mindful of the weather. Create an outdoor kitchen space that offers protection from wind and rain, as well as the opportunity to safely enjoy bright, beautiful, sunshiny days. This includes covered spaces above the meal prep area as well as retractable awnings to provide additional buffers from rain and sun. You might also consider installing retractable curtains (with strong ties) or other buffers to protect against wind and sun.

Because weather is fickle and can quickly change from one minute to the next, consider cabinetry, storage, and other fixtures that are sun and water resistant. This is necessary to protect your investment. It never hurts to seek out additional layers of protection when building your outdoor kitchen. Don’t forget a few creature comforts. Ceiling fans are great starts as they can create a nice breeze on the hottest of days. Patio heaters or fire pits are ideally suited to add a touch of warmth on the chilliest nights (they do happen – occasionally).

Create Multiple Work and Social Spaces within Your Outdoor Kitchen

Since one of the main purposes of outdoor living spaces is to spend more time with friends and family, it should be multifunctional. Considering creating multiple living and work areas to maximize the functionality of the area. The more useful your outdoor kitchen is for all your goals, the more cost-effective it becomes as an investment in your outdoor living and family cohesion. Think of all the activities you enjoy doing outdoors with your family:

  • Meal preparation
  • Dining
  • Late night reading
  • Cozy conversations
  • Watching friends and family play and laugh
  • Play video games and/or board games
  • Watch movies in the great outdoors

The more activities your outdoor kitchen in Orlando includes, the more you and your family will make use of it.

Incorporate Appropriate Lighting for Each Area’s Purpose

Lighting is often the last consideration of outdoor kitchen design – and it shouldn’t be. In fact, it needs to be a focal point, especially for families that prepare meats that need to achieve certain states of “doneness.” In other words, you need sufficiently bright lighting in the food prep and cooking areas. On the other hand, you might opt for dimmer lighting in the areas for conversation and relaxation. One option is to install dimmable lighting throughout the area. Another option is to use different lighting in different “sections” of your outdoor kitchen. If you’re concerned about lighting costs, you might consider different types of LED lighting that are built to last and energy efficient.

Outdoor kitchens are wonderful additions to a home. You can make them even more inviting if you pay attention to a few key details when integrating an outdoor kitchen in Orlando. Incorporating these elements will help you build an outdoor living space for your home that is beautiful, functional, and fun for the entire family. Contact Orlando Outdoor Kitchens today by visiting online or calling 407.636.7135 to learn more about your options for an outdoor kitchen and how we can help you design and build one for your home.

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