Weatherproof Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Interest in outdoor kitchens continues to grow and it currently tops the list of kitchen trends, according to Architectural Digest. Open-air cooking offers several compelling benefits. It lets you prepare a wide range of meals outdoors, making it possible to spend more time outside. Food odors and grill heat stay outside as well. Thanks to the rising popularity of outdoor cooking, this improvement can also raise your home’s resale value. Weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets represent a vital part of any open-air kitchen.

Weatherproof Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Benefits

weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets

You’ll save time and enjoy a better cooking experience if you have convenient storage spaces. Cabinets make it easy to store and organize grilling tools like tongs, skewers, and matches. They give you quick access to non-refrigerated ingredients, such as seasonings. You can also use them to store sunscreen, bug repellent, and other items that help you enjoy the outdoors. There’s no need to search your home for these supplies each time you cook outside.

Likewise, you won’t have to run into the house every three minutes while you’re trying to prepare a meal. You can concentrate on cooking and achieve better results. After you finish grilling and eating, it’s easy to put your supplies away. You don’t need to carry them back to the closet or basement. Cabinets will help you cook outdoor meals quickly and conveniently, so you’re likely to do so more often.

Another advantage of weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets is that they protect your utensils and supplies. As The Grilling Life points out, allergens like pollen can rapidly accumulate on any item. An unexpected wind gust could blow away paper plates or cups before you start eating. Metal cooking equipment may rust if it doesn’t have enough protection from wet weather. Cabinets let you put away vulnerable items as soon as it begins raining or you finish using them.

Durability Matters with Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

To reliably protect your supplies so they stay intact for many years to come, outdoor cabinetry must have sturdy materials. It needs to withstand long-term exposure to wind, moisture and ultraviolet rays. This is why we offer American-made cabinets that consist of an exceptionally tough material known as HDPE. It resists sun damage, stains and impacts. Even when water contains chlorine or salt, it doesn’t harm HDPE.

Easy Maintenance

If you worry about having to clean and maintain two different kitchens, rest assured that our outdoor cabinets simplify upkeep as much as possible. Spilled foods and beverages rarely stain HDPE. You won’t ever have to paint the cabinets. They feature entirely waterproof exterior and interior surfaces; nothing will rust, rot or corrode. You can remove your barbecue supplies and wash everything with a hose.

Safety of Weatherproof Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

The Food and Drug Administration has approved HDPE as a food-safe product. While it’s best to use plates and cutting boards, you don’t have to worry if your food touches the cabinet surface. This dioxin-free material is also comparatively easy to recycle. Our supplier employs green manufacturing practices, such as recycling all of the factory’s HDPE scraps. It produces the cabinets in Florida, so they don’t travel a long distance.

Many Options for Weatherproof Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

You needn’t sacrifice product selection or customization to gain these valuable benefits. We offer a great variety of weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets. The options include pull-out, grill, base, bar, and wall units. Sink cabinets can help you make the most of extra space around your outdoor plumbing. We also offer multiple types of corner cabinets. Regardless of your kitchen’s size or configuration, we have the right equipment for you.

Our weatherproof cabinet doors come in eight major styles. Examples include raised-panel, sport, slat, and cove. We also offer more than 10 color options; you can customize outdoor cabinetry so that it matches or complements the exterior of almost any building. The choices range from black and white to seafoam, everglade, and chocolate. If you prefer the appearance of wooden cabinets, think about asking for woodgrain. You can order it in five different styles, such as teak and mahogany.

Weatherproof Outdoor kitchen Cabinets

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